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About The Pickle Dish

We sincerely feel the best way to tell you about us is to have our customers speaks for us. 
We like to let our customers speak for themselves. If you have a comment or feedback, please send it to

Jan is a great benefit to Carleton Place, it is always fascinating to drop by the store.

The PickleDish Quilt Shop owner, Jan Kittle, and staff, are professional at all times, knowledgeable, most importantly, they share their knowledge with you. They take genuine interest in each and **every project** that their customer is working on. The ambiance is always warm and welcoming. They do not try to sell, you can browse, enjoy a lovely conversation, and leave, never for one moment, pressured to purchase. They have wisdom, but most importantly, the best environment for the entire family. Travelling the extra distance to PickleDish is 100% so very worthwhile. Their material colors are lovely. The best shop ever. Best regards, Muriel Perth ON.
Renting the machine was great in and of itself. However, having Cheryl's help was incredible. Of course, it is always special to see and interact with Jan. Thanks a lot!!!!!!
Jan and Cheryl are lovely to deal with and very helpful. Would definitely recommend the PickleDish.
I can't wait to get in there and shop and see Jan again.
I am a regular here... I have an addiction!! The staff is amazing and the fabrics are beautiful..They always have an answer for my questions. Definitely worth the drive to Carleton Place to check out the shop and'll be back!!